About Us – The Nursery

Brad and Desi Brown started Glacier Nursery in 1983 on twenty acres of prime Creston topsoil. During the early years they both had full-time jobs and worked at the nursery in evenings and on weekends. Using mostly hand labor they planted, watered, weeded, and harvested the first crops. Working together, and with the assistance of part-time high school employees they grew the nursery, providing full-time work for Brad and 12 to 15 year-round employees. From the very beginning the nursery was known for its hardy plants and its personal service as a family business that tradition continues today.

Today the nursery reflects the commitment of many people in addition to Brad and Desi. That commitment includes serving customers with quality plants and service, at a competitive price. For our employees we offer year-round work at competitive wages with substantial fringe benefits. Finally, we owe a great deal to those in the community that have assisted us in getting started, from past employees to the businesses who have remained valued suppliers for many years.

We all look forward to continued improvement in the plants we sell, the commitment to our employees, and returning to our community the goodwill it has extended to us.