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We take the extra time to grow a quality plant, please take the extra time to properly plant it! In return for taking the time to properly plant our tree we will be giving away a Yeti Roadie 20 cooler to one person who fills out our short survey giving us feedback on the plants we grow.

Planting Container Trees

It is imperative customers planting container trees remove the outer one inch of the root plug sides and bottom prior to planting. Cutting the root plug into a cube shape with a 12” pruning blade seems the fastest and most complete method (a reciprocating saw does an excellent job). This reduces the opportunity for circling roots to grow unimpeded and potentially weaken or kill the tree as it matures.

There are different guidelines for tree planting based on profession. Arborists differ from Landscape Contractors and Landscape Architects may differ from Nurserymen. Below are procedures that accommodate these differing professions.

Dig the hole twice as wide as the container plug/root ball but only as deep as the root plug/ball. Preferably hand dig the last 3-6” so the root plug/ball sits on compacted or undisturbed soil and will not settle deeper than originally planted. Measure the depth of the root ball from the bottom to the base of the tree trunk. Verify the top of the root plug/ball, (as measured above) will be level, or slightly higher (3”), than the existing grade once placed in the hole. Trees are often killed, or have reduced vigor when planted too deep. Backfill with the native soil or a mix of no more than half soil amendments and native soil. Settle the soil with abundant water, mulch if desired and stake the tree to avoid wind damage, placing the stakes outside the planting hole.

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